Premiere by Voice Afire Director


Hard Right

A satyrical suite for
chamber orchestra

at the DiMenna Center
450 West 37th Street, New York
(212) 594-6100

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Ray Luedeke's new suite for chamber orchestra, Hard Right, will be performed at The DiMenna Center in New York City, as part of a special Halloween concert. When Joshua Rosenblum commissioned the piece, the most appropriate and most scary thing Ray could think of was the Republican Party. He came up with a wickedly humorous piece in five movements:

1. Circus March
2. Hymn to Hypocrisy
3. Waltzing Mit-ilda
4. Trickle Down Tango
5. Tea Party Trot and Gallop

Ray hopes to expand Hard Right into a political cabaret, using as its text the actual words of Republican presidential candidates.


Composer and Artistic Director Ray Luedeke

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