My Life with Pablo Neruda / Viva Pablo Neruda is a celebration of the great Chilean poet and social activist Pablo Neruda and of his wife, Matilde Urrutia, who became a champion of Chile's "Disappeared Ones". It is also an original work for music theatre, using as its text the poetry of Neruda and the story of Pablo and Matilde.
My Life with Pablo Neruda / Viva Pablo Neruda - Synopsis
neruda logoIt is September 11, 1973. Pablo Neruda, the great Chilean poet and political activist, lies dying. Matilde Urrutia, the great love of his life and soon-to-be widow, faces a moral and personal crisis. Will she take up her husband’s “flag”? Will she stand up to the murderous military dictatorship that has inundated Chile? Or will she retreat behind the walls of her beloved garden. In Chile, in 1973, questions of social responsibility are a matter of life or death.
In My Life with Pablo Neruda (aka Viva Pablo Neruda aka I Confess, I Have Lived) two actors play Pablo and Matilde, and two singers also play Pablo and Matilde, but in the manner of alter egos or of a Greek chorus. The singers, accompanied by 4 on-stage musicians, perform settings of Neruda’s poetry, which he wrote daily and was mostly a concealed diary. The actors have dialogue that surrounds and entwines the poetry, illuminating and explaining it.
pabloandmatildeI Confess, I Have Lived, the auto-biography of Pablo Neruda tells the astonishing story of a man, born in the rain soaked, rural village of Parral, Chile, to become a Nobel Prize winning poet, a diplomat, a candidate for the presidency of Chile, and one of the great men of the 20th century.

My Life with Pablo Neruda, the auto-biography of Matilde Urrutia, tells the no less astonishing tale of a woman born an equally rain-soaked village not far from Parral, who started her adult life as a night club singer and ocasional movie star and then became the nine year mistress and third wife of Neruda.

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My Life with Pablo Neruda includes two actors, two singers and four musicians (violin, clarinet, cello, and synthesizer).