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It is strange to think how a gymnast, a sheep shearer and a figure skater could have their paths meet and eventually become Co-Artistic Directors of a dance theatre company in Canada.  Yet, as it turns out, that diversity has become the essence of MOTUS O.  Where backgrounds and talents collide and then reform, creating a dynamic team that explores the dramatic and relishes the physical – and all with a touch of humour.

The Artistic Directors of MOTUS O, James Croker, Cynthia Croker and Jack Langenhuizen, have been trained in several artistic disciplines with decades of combined performing experience in both street theatre and stage.  This diversity, coupled with their collaborative style of creating, enriches the production values and constantly surprises the viewer.  Each production displays their unique ability to be involved in the whole creative process.  They create the story, design and build costumes and props, choreograph, shoot and edit film and if that is not enough, they perform.

MOTUS O is Latin for “the method of movement”.  In the Artistic Directors words ‘we want to know the meaning of every movement and to move as if it has meaning’.  Physical inventiveness, lightning action, grace and raw energy are all trademarks of their evolving style.

Since their formation in 1990, MOTUS O has created thirteen full-length productions for both family and adult audiences.  The troupe continues to tour throughout North America, Europe and the South Seas, bringing with them their innovative and highly visual works to both small and large communities alike.

Some of Motus O's Performances for 2013:

Grand Theatre Sault Ste-Marie, ON "Circus Terrifico"

Roxy Theatre, Owen Sound, ON "Circus Terrifico"

Markham Theatre, ON "Circus Terrifico"

Lebovic Centre for the Arts and Entertainment, Stouffville, ON
"Alice in Wonderland"

Rotary Center for the Arts, Kelowna, BC
"A Christmas Carol"

YouTube videos from Circus Terrifico
Swan Lake

Sleeping Beauty
Selections from Act I

The Story
We first meet our three circus performers boarding the train to their next show.   A case of vanishing tickets, however, thwarts their plans and strands them on the platform.  It takes every trick in the book (and their suitcases!) to create an impromptu show to raise money for new tickets.  But it works!  And as the Train Conductor watches the antics of these 3 enigmatic clowns, he’s drawn into their mayhem and magic, finally agreeing to be their new Ring Master!    

With the Conductor’s help, our performers arrive at the theatre just in time to present their magnificent CIRCUS TERRIFICO ~ hilariously unkempt micro-version interpretations of their favourite ballets, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker!

Performed with the signature MOTUS O physicality and humour, see for yourself how a little magic, some juggling, tight-rope walking and fortune-telling can fulfill every child’s fantasy to ‘run off and join the circus!’

Circus Terrifico is a whimsical and poignant comedy featuring Tchaikovsky’s soaring scores and original music by Canadian composer Ray Luedeke.  It makes audiences of all ages laugh out loud and leave with a (big, clownish) smile!

Circus Terrifico can be performed with live orchestra accompaniment or with recorded music. Technical requirements are included under tech requirements tab.



"The dancers lifted, tossed, knotted and crawled with each other in a beautiful display of human movement."
Dave Allan Guzda
The Brock Press,
Brock University
St. Catharines, Ontario

"MOTUS O lend enormous physical energy to its bid to make modern dance comprehensible."
Geoff Chapman
Toronto Star
Toronto, Ontario

"MOTUS O walks the thin line between serious-ness and satire. This group takes the cliche to the max and I love it."
Paula Citron
Dance and Opera Reviewer
Toronto, Ontario

"MOTUS O was the star turn of the night. An innovative and high energy troupe performing works that were imaginative and physically risky."
H.J. Kirchhoff
Globe and Mail
Toronto, Ontario

"MOTUS O performs with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Their work reflects and provokes contemporary thought simply and directly."
Amanda Kimber
Adelaide, Australia

"It was an evening of high energy entertainment."
Nancy Morris
Kirkland Lake Arts Council
Kirkland Lake, Ontario

"MOTUS O has a rare and special contribution to make. Their dance works are permeated with humour and pathos that cut to the very heart of human reality."
Karen Pascal
Theatre and Film Producer
Toronto, Ontario

"They were fabulous. Funny, fresh, full of passion and pathos."
Susan Fisher
The Almonte Gazette
Almonte, Ontario

"MOTUS O's energy, and all-round talent and humour provided a welcome opener to the dance season."
Larry Ruffell
Canberra Times
Canberra, Australia

"MOTUS O - the most provocative production of the festival. Their works were a catalogue of emotions and dynamics that mere words cannot always relate."
Elizabeth Mitchell
Theatrum Magazine

"A dynamic and innovative company. Their repertoire is fresh, exciting and accessible and their energy is amazing."
Debbie Slade
Managing Director
Centre For The Arts
St. Catharines, Ontario

"MOTUS O’s performance of “Variations in Love” brought the capacity audience to its feet."
Stephen Preesce
Kitchener Record
Kitchener, Ontario

"MOTUS O attracted a packed house to the Markham Theatre to unveil the world premiere of its version of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream."
Paula Citron
Dance and Opera Reviewer
Globe and Mail
Toronto, Ontario

MOTUS O dance theatre


STAGE: A clean level stage with suitable surface for dance. Minimum dimensions: 15' deep x 24' wide and a ceiling of 15'. The production has no sets and is best performed in front of the orchestra. Please note, that the conductor cannot stand within the minimum depth needed (15ft).

LIGHTING: General stage lighting only.
DRESSING ROOMS:  Two small or one large for 4 people with mirrors, chairs, tables, lights

SCHEDULE SET UP: The company requires access to the dressing rooms and rehearsal hall (if available) 2 hours prior to the first show for warm up and make-up as well as access to the stage for a minimum of 30 min. to set blocking of production.

STRIKE: 15 min. to clear stage and 1 hour to exit dressing rooms.

HOSPITALITY: For the performers and stage manager (5 people) the presenter should provide, if possible, snacks and beverages such as fruit juices, bottled water, coffee and tea, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers.

PARKING: MOTUS O requires parking for one van

REHEARSAL: MOTUS O dance theatre requires a rehearsal with the orchestra prior to show date. Details to be discussed.

MOTUS O dance theatre


CREW:  1 Lighting Board Operator, 1 Audio Operator

STAGE:  A clean level stage with suitable surface for dance. Minimum dimensions: 15' deep x 24' wide and a ceiling of 15'. Rear white cyclorama (if available).

AUDIO: If performed with CD only:
            1 CD Player
            House Speakers and Mixer (as appropriate)
            2 Monitors (1 downstage right; 1 downstage left)
            Clearcom system

LIGHTING:  Can be done with general stage lighting only.
            If available:
            One (R51) front of house wash
            One onstage (R51) front wash
            One blue (R68) back wash
            One shin wash (R01 - stage right, R51 -stage left)
            Four colour cyc (R122, R120, R123, R74)
            Two footlights
            Three or four colour ground row, same colour as cyc
            Mirror ball and mirror lights

DRESSING ROOMS:  Two small or one large for 4 people with mirrors, chairs, tables, lights

TECHNICAL SET-UP: Two hours minimum (with house crew) prior to show if lights and soft goods are all pre-hung.

STRIKE: One hour with house crew.

MOTUS O dance theatre



  • Clean, smooth surface (no special dance floor needed – can be done on gym floors)
  • Minimum floor space for performing – 20’ wide x 10’ deep
  • Ceiling Height – minimum 10’ high
  • Require a 110 volt outlet
  • 1 hr set up (minimum)
motusopic2Motus O Dance Theatre
Since their formation in 1990, Motus O Dance Theatre has created full-length productions for both family and adult audiences.  Circus Terrifico was created in collaboration with Voice Afire and can be performed with recorded music or with live orchestra.  Motus O Dance Theatre tours throughout North America, Europe and the South Seas, bringing with them their innovative and highly visual works to both small and large communities alike.

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